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yoga Workshops

Our workshops offer a unique point of view of music and yoga.

Sound is combined to our yoga workshops to enhance or challenge focus​,

to accompany and sustain movements in our flow workshops,

to bring the awareness on listening in our meditation sessions,

to add a new dimension to your practice.


sculpture te;ple.JPG

Hanuman the powerful devotee, Virabadhra the great warrior, the symbolism of the Cobra, the Mountain, the Corpse...

Approaching the practice of yoga postures through the mythical figures and symbols of indian culture unfolds the narrative and playful dimension of yoga and gives access to the principles contained in the teachings of yoga.

Playing the mythical characters and visualizing the qualities they embody helps understand the meaning and intentions of these postures. It not  only deepens our yoga practice, but gives it a universal scope.

While we practice sequences of postures dedicated to  these characters, beautifully designed music is played live to support the stories behind the postures, to activate your heartbeat through rhythms, and your mind through lush frequencies. Each posture is paired with a mantra sung by Mahesh Vinayakram, illustrious son of the legendary Grammy award winner Padmabhushan T.h.Vikku Vinayakram.




In this workshop using planetary frequencies, drone sounds and gentle rhythms we will embark on a journey of listening, meditating and moving, we will hear, listen, feel and experience sounds, we will learn how to elevate our sense and become more aware and present in our own life.

Through energy centres in our body we will feel the significant healing and emotional power we can have through the simple tool of listening. Our main objective will be to stay present, listen with full awareness and with no judgment. You can expect to sit, stand, and move with a gentle vinyasa sequence. 




In these workshops, sound and music becomes the underlining rhythm to our vinyasas. We adjust our beaths and moves to the compositions of Yotam Agam.

Yotam designs music electronically to match the natural flow of a yoga practice, from stillness to higher cardio beats and back to stillness.

His tracks are mixing from time to time inspirational quotes, traditional monk chants, self recorded instrument samples from all over the world, as well as famous pop song samples from Björk, Lauryn Hill or Rage Against The Machine.

As a yogi himself, Yotam understands the specific needs of the practice and knows exactly how to adjust his rhythms with the flow of the teacher.

Links to Yotam's previous soundtracks dedicated to Yoga practice and recorded during the workshops. 



Metz 2020-02-16 at 22.32.08.jpeg

Restorative yoga is a delightful relaxation practice where the body, fully supported in every posture, provides no effort and where the mind can surrender to the silence within. It is an essential practice in addition to the dynamic practices.

Listening, introspection, centering and releasing tensions.

More generally, to be able to enjoy moments of absolute tranquility is essential for our health. The postures of restorative, plunging us into deep states of relaxation, allow us to rest in depth and thereby create a terrain for a boost of energy, we are able to reduce chronic stress.

Softness and slowness guide us throughout these workshops, where some supported postures of forward and back bending, twisting and inversion will ultimately leave us more balanced, more tuned perhaps, and more receptive to the things that matter really. In fact, fully present.



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dina class2.jpg

Nia Yoga is a workshop where Yoga melts into Nia and Nia into Yoga on a live soundtrack by Yotam Agam.

Nia dance combine 52 simple moves with dance
arts, martial arts, and healing arts to get you fit, through mindful movement guidance and somatic education. This practice addresses each aspect of your life - body, mind and soul.


Dina Lebinger is a black belt Nia teacher and a friend.

We decided to work together as we found a lot of similarities in our respective practices and dedications. We found how Yoga and Nia can play together and reflect on each other during these joyfull inspiring and quietly empowering workshops. A unique experience.

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