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by Sandra Schultze & Yotam Agam

Fractions Of Life

Fractions Of Life


Come Back To Your Senses !

Moving bodies and moving breaths on lush infinite soundscapes.

In a world of visual temptations, noise pollution and immense fast information we stop listening, to ourselves, to our mind and body and to others. Our communication is based on personal blogging and opinions are being written rather then said.

Our attention span falls down to minimal.


When we stop to look and listen to the details we become present.

We experience life through our senses and our physical body and we interpret life through our minds.

Our intention is to bring the audience back to their senses, hence to the present, by putting them in the position of the observer using their sight and listening skills instead of their minds. We want them to lose their mind to come back to their senses. 


Inspired by the yoga self practice, a practice of being fully in the present through the exploration of body and mind, we are using sound and video to raise awareness by enhancing details of the practice experience. Through a videographic close up angle and sounds that represent infinity and presence, we satisfy the curiosity of looking at and listening to a human body, but soon, as the yoga practice is shown in close-ups and slow motion, revealing the micro movements of the feet tendons working on balancing the body or the contraction of the biceps for strength, the mind of the observer gets focused on the details, on what is happening in the very moment of a movement.


The videographic concept as a collection of instances lying on a continuous sound baseline that has no beginning and no end creates a contrast between infinity and present moment, questioning the structure of time, the meaning of time and how we move in time. 

The slow motion is an invitation to slow down and listen, it allows us to stop and contemplate the details of our moving bodies, of our moving breaths, of our moving ligaments, muscles, skin, the alternation of flow and stillness in the movement. 

The black and white takes our attention to the filled and empty spaces, the sharp and blurred sections of the image, the light and shadow, the holding and the moving. 


All these opposites are creating an abstract on an endless soundtrack, creating space for reflection of the present.

Please get in touch for exhibition projects.

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