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In one of the most beautiful and authentic places, on a high mountain in a picturesque village in the Sierra Nevada of southern Spain.
We practice and dance in the studio at the village and at the studio on the mountainside.
We will hike in the mountains, learn to cook, chill, enjoy nature and more...

The hosts are the lovely British couple David and Emma Illsey, the village is an authentic and unique gem, set in one of the most beautiful and energetic locations in all of Europe, within the Sierra Nevada Park.

Las Chimeneas’s maintains many of the building’s original features, including beamed ceilings and original fireplaces. All rooms have balconies overlooking the Alpujarra Mountains. 

The accommodation is charming, with an abundance of antiques, books, coins and dots. Many rooms have spectacular views over the hills to the distant sea. The food is delicious - organic, vegetarian, locally grown.


Yoga and Nia classes take place in the open-air studio nestled in the olive groves, overlooking the mountains. It's a magical place to retreat, recharge and give yourself a place to deepen your practice.

The retreat is open to all levels of practitioners.
Dina Lebinger - Senior teacher for Nia • Has a black belt  • Facilitator of Nia and Perry Dance workshops
Sandra Schultze - Hatha, Ashtanga and Restorative teacher • Multidisciplinary artist • Teaches in France and Israel
Yotam Agam - Ashtanga Teacher • Music Producer • Content Creator & Worldwide Event Producer


The workshop includes

Nia classes with Dina, Nia live music workshops with Dina and Yotam, Meditation, Yoga and Relaxation practices with Sandra, sound meditation workshops with Yotam.

Accommodation in village housing units, breakfast, light lunch, dinner, airport transfers from Granada.


Prices and payment options for a approximatively a week

Per person in double room around 1200 € 

Per person in a single room around 1600 €


On the day of registration - 250 € directly at the hotel

Beginning of September - 290 € per person in a double room and 490 € per person in a single room directly at the hotel

The balance of the payment in Israel in shekels

Hotel cancellation policy:

Registration fee - 50 € without refund

In the case of Coronavirus, Red Spain, cancelled flight, long isolation - full refund


No refund in the following cases:

A student who does not enter Spain due to incorrect documents

A student who tested positive in Spain and stayed in Spain

In the event of teacher illness

In any case, the hotel offers full support to patients


Package price doesn't include:


Personal expenses and insurance

Advice for residents


Cancellation Policy:

If canceled up to 27 th April, a cancellation fee of 170 € will apply
After this date, no refund will be granted in case of cancellation

Pre-registration for the retreat, the number of places is limited to 22 people

For more details and questions do not hesitate to contact us

For registration and more details please email :

Nia and Ma-Nia Dance movement

Nia and Ma-Nia Dance movement

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What they say about this retreat (google translation from hebrew):

Dear beloved Dina, one of a kind.

Thank you for a perfect perfect week. A week full of ideas, full of me, of life, of the world.

Thank you for a not easy week of indoor/autonomous work - one of the strengths and benefits I had

And all of this wouldn't be possible, if it wasn't for you.

Thank you very much for your presence, for the woman that you are, for your care and concern.

Thank you for seeing me throughout the week, seeing my needs, my feelings, my concerns.

You saw me and gave me protection, peace and security.

Every class, every covering of my body during meditation, every trip, every meal - was organized, tailored and correct, precise to the needs of the group, and had thought and love in it! benevolence and concern.


Thank you for allowing me the special round trip.

You allowed me to see a magical part of the world, to meet inspiring and special people, thank you for the fun lessons, for together and alone. I love you so much! You are a brilliant and unique person


In Dina's workshops I always had a role. In the workshop in Spain, I was a tourist, a guest, a member of the college

I was excited about the trip. And I came with high expectations. Dina is a champion of collaborations and has already done several in her career


Yotam Sandra and Dina. A brand in the making.

They've been together for several years and it's getting bigger and bigger and clearer. There is a crazy synergy between them

Thinking, planning and improvising the three takes courage and trust in each other.

They have all this and more, each has their own world and together they form a great symphony.


In a relatively isolated place with powerful and magical nature. I came to experience myself outside my box. I was renewed in experiences. I refreshed myself with energy and tools, continue where I left off


Dear Dina
It was in a magical place in a small village in Spain far from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, the hotel is built of modest little houses which are both very pleasant and clean.
The workshop was very powerful. Dina's tutoring lessons and inspirational music. Be rhythmic and fun, a gift for the body, yoga classes with Sandra's soothing voice, and transportation to a place of connection and listening to the body were wonderful.
The dosage of everything was precise, from the daily trip to the village and the mountains, to the lessons and an amazing group of ladies.
There was incredible energy created as a result of the excellent team synergy. There was also a culinary experience conquered by the talented Sherit and the energetic Keren and that of course added another dimension to the experience.
In conclusion, it is an incredible sensory experience
And I express my gratitude to the incredible team who carried out the workshop in wonderful places

Daphne Lynn

It's a problem. Because there are no words. There are no words to describe.
The city bothers me, I'm really afraid that the experience will fade for me. Just like Sandra wrote - images and experiences come to mind all the time. It was such a powerful and empowering experience that a stranger wouldn't understand it.
We were a lovely group, the location is perfect, the atmosphere is magical, you and Sandra have together created a magic and harmony that is beyond this world.
I just have to cherish thanks from the bottom of my soul 🙏🏼

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